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Brain Links

YOU can explore the brain

Probe The Brain

Become a neurosurgeon as you map out the motor cortex of a cartoon character. Are you strong and brave enough to attack the challenge?


Baseball bat and ball

Test YOUR brain

Use the game of baseball to check your reaction time at The Exploratorium. Try to hit a fastball like the major league players do.


Baseball glove and cap

You can watch your brain learn at The Franklin Institute Online. You'll see that the more you repeat a task the easier the task becomes. You can have some fun trying this activity with your family and friends.

If you sometimes have trouble remembering important things, maybe the online memory exhibit from The Exploratorium can help. Have fun with these memory activities:


Think Tank at The National Zoo is an animal exhibit that attempts to answer the question, "What is thinking?" You can watch orangutans, hermit crabs, and leaf-cutter ants to see if they are "thinking". Play the games the animals play.

Neuroscience for Kids is a web site for everyone who would like to learn more about the nervous system. Enjoy the information, activities, and experiments as you discover more about the brain and the spinal cord. Don't miss,

Sleeping pelican

All about your brain & nervous system here at KidsHealth. Find out lots of cool science including what causes an ice cream headache.

Ice cream


Brain pan

You'll be surprised at how much these students know about the brain! These student-created web sites from Thinkquest are full of information you won't want to miss;


Now you are ready to impress your friends and family with these humorous brainy puzzles and POST CARDS.

Jigsaw puzzle

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