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Shoe prints in the sand


Solving crimes can be a science - the science of forensics. Crime scene investigators (CSI) gather clues and use science to help solve crimes. What can we learn from blood? How do you collect fingerprints?

The guest scientists for "CSI" are:

  • Matthew Gamette, Forensic Services Quality Manager, Idaho State Police
  • Natasha Wheatley, Latent fingerprint and shoe print/tire track examiner, Idaho State Police
  • Learn more about our guests

Start your explorations here. Check out the interesting facts, links and resources. Send in a question for our experts to answer on our broadcast show. And watch the show on Idaho Public Television or here on the website.

Students can send their questions through email to D4K@idahoptv.org, fax them before the show to (208) 373-7245, or call in live during the program at (800) 973-9800. Students who send in a question are eligible to win a DVD player and DVDs for their classroom. Check out the details!

"CSI" airs Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 2:00 pm /1:00 pm MT/PT. You can also watch it here on the Web! After the broadcast, come here to watch all our "CSI"-related video.

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