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Exoplanet Links

Visit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to read more about extrasolar planets and to see some fantastic images.

Hubble Space TelescopeHere is another NASA site for additional information.

Take a look at these images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Science News has a great report on exoplanets for kids.

Watch a transit simulation – really cool!

Here is another Science News article on extrasolar planets that seem to move the wrong way.

Be sure to visit National Geographic For Kids
A New Planet

Ringed planets

The Planetary Society has a great site for kids to discover space related topics.

Learn more about extrasolar planets on The Planetary Society’s site too.

Terrestrial planet

Science News for Kids has a great article on an exoplanet that might be similar to Earth.

ESAkids Life in Space - learn about the Jupiter like planet and its carbon dioxide atmosphere found in 2008.

Solar System Exploration for Kids - from NASA

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