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Exoplanet for Teachers

Games, simulations , movies and virtual tours for your class – from NASA. This has a wide range of materials.

NASA's educator resources.

NASA also has this resource for teaching about extrasolar planets.

Dr. Wladimir Lyra claims that exoplanets should have names too. Investigate his claim and perhaps have your class join the Exoplanet Naming Society to name future planets.

ComputerNASA Solar System Exploration site. This site is filled with great information and fun things to share with your class.

Here is an Exoplanet Cartography Webquest for you to share with older students.

How to find the distances between planets lesson plan.

Solar system modelFind out how small we really are in the universe - lesson plan.

A scale model of our solar system.

An alternate lesson plan of the same concept.

Detecting Planet Transits– a lesson plan (.pdf file)

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