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Force and Motion Links
Roller coaster

Like Roller Coasters? Check out Amusement park Physics!


Pick up a pencil. Throw a ball. You are using force to produce motion. Explore Lawrence Hall of Science activities for Force and Motion to investigate how the principles of force and motion work.

playing basketball
physics lesson

Take a guided tour of Newton's three laws of motion with NASA's Glenn Research Center.


Famous scientists in motion - Galileo and Newton

After seeing an apple fall to the ground, Sir Isaac Newton suddenly understood how gravity applies to everything in the world. Learn more about Newton and his life.

Sir Isaac Newton said he built his ideas based of the work of a scientist that lived hundreds of years before him: Galileo Galilei. Find out what Galileo discovered about the properties of inertia.

Can't get your fill of force and motion? Want more? Head to Physics4Kids to learn additional details about this awesome science topic.

Man balancing on one foot

What is your center of gravity?

Find out here.

The Science Spot is a great place to visit if you want some great resources to add to your force and motion knowledge.

A message from Sir Isaac Newton.

Head to ThinkQuest for a great tour of Force and Motion.

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