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Gravity Links

Humpty Dumpty falls 

Learn all about gravity and its affects on the universe. Explore other topics in science while you are there. Go to History For Kids.



Zoom brings you a centrifugal force activity for you to do at home or at school. Wow everyone with your amazing skills.


Play with Bernoulli's Principle by changing the size of a pipe where water flows to see how it affects the velocity.

NASA explores the science of gravity. Visit this site to find out what space scientists know about gravity.

Shuttle bay

Why don't people on the other side of the world fall off? Here is the answer.


Now that you know all about gravity - take a three question quiz online to see how you score. Click here.

Learn about orbits - activities, news and more Click here.

Satellite in orbit


Cool animation from NASA about how tides affect water. Visit here to see the moon's gravity pull on the ocean.


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