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Question markGravity is a Mystery

By Franklin M. Branley
Collins Publishing, 2007

Ages 4-8
ISBN: 0064452018

Fun and colorful illustrations make this a wonderful child oriented book on the science of gravity. This book explores the topic in easy to understand and simple terms.

Isaac NewtonWhat Is Gravity?

By Lisa Trumbauer
Children’s Press, 2004

Ages 4-8
ISBN: 0516258443

This is one of the Rookie Read-About Science series books - well known for their ability to share science in a way that is appealing to children of all ages. Simple reading vocabulary and photographs make this a great book for the early scientist.

Hot dog floating in zero-gJanice VanCleave's Gravity: Mind-boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects

By Janice VanCleave
Wiley Publishing, 1992

Ages 8-12
ISBN: 0471550507

Try out twenty simple experiments in gravity that you can turn into great science fair projects. Come and explore all the fun hands-on things you can do with gravity and answer many questions you may have about how gravity works. Use easily accessible supplies that you may have around the house for these exciting activities.

Also available in this series: Animals, Earthquakes, Electricity, Machines, Magnets, Molecules, Microscopes and Magnifying Lenses, Volcanoes, and Weather.

roller coaster

Falling For Fun: Gravity in Action

By Nathan Lepera
Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2008

Ages 8-12
ISBN: 0836889444

Enter the world of carnival rides to find out the science behind the fun. Visit a roller coaster and other thrilling adventures to see how gravity, velocity, motion and other forces of nature excite our minds and our senses.

Will It Float or Sink?
(Rookie Read-About Science)

By Melissa Stewart
Children's Press, 2006

Ages 4-8
ISBN: 0516237373

The science of floating and what makes some objects float while others sink. This is a great book for early scientists. A great read for the classroom science lesson.



Astronaut eating a mealFloating in Space
(Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)

By Franklyn M. Branley
Collins Publishing, 1998

Ages 4-8
ISBN: 0064451429

Learn about how astronauts do the basic things in life like eat, use bathroom, sleep and exercise. Wonderful pictures highlight this extraordinary look into the life of an astronaut. Learn how space affects their bodies and how it functions.

The Amazing Air Balloon

By Jean Van Leeuwen
Dial Publishing, 2003

Ages 4-8
ISBN: 0803722583

Peek into an historical fiction look at the first balloon ride in Philadelphia in 1784. Fabulous drawings of the actual advertisements for a hot air balloon exhibition and the newspaper story that followed. Makes a great read aloud and will engage readers of all ages.

Hot air balloon

Old-fashioned glider

Flying Machine

By Andrew Nahum
Eyewitness Books, 1990

Ages 9-12
ISBN : 0679807445

Everyone loves Eyewitness Books for their fabulous illustrations, photographs and detailed dialogue. This installment covers the history of flight. Come and read about the early efforts in man’s attempt to fly. Then learn about all of the ways that we have left the earth in flying.

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