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Owl Links

Owl on a tree branchMost scientists have a natural curiosity and are always looking to gain more information. So as junior scientists here are some links to get you started!

Kids can accomplish a lot. Learn how high school students made a difference by creating a wildlife haven for animals at the World Owl Trust in Ravenglass, Cumbria, England.

Find out more about the World Owl Trust. Scroll down to see live video cam of some barn owls.


Fourth Grade students of Estabrook School in Lexington, MA have done extensive research about owls and other birds of prey and have made their research available.

Learn more about the life of an owl. Find information that you want to know at tooter4kids.

Visit this site on Barn Owls in the United Kingdom and the efforts to save them.

Elf owls - at Especially for Kids

The Burrowing Owl or Ground Owl is endangered in Canada. Learn more about these birds.


Another great thematic unit on owls to investigate is the Owl Prowl! Great for students and teachers!


Owl counting

Check out these Thinkquest projects!

Barred Owl WebQuest
A thinkquest project created by fourth graders on the barred owl.

Fourth Grade ThinkQuest Project
Another thinkquest project designed by kids like you!

The Great Horned Owl is the most common owl in North and South America. National Geographic has a site all about this amazing creature.

More on the Great Horned Owl including coloring and activity sheets.

Mexican Spotted Owls are endangered. Learn more about them at Defenders of Wildlife.

The Cactus ferruginous pygmy-owls are a tiny owl measuring less than 7 inches in height. See one for yourself and learn more about this tiny creature.

Owl on branch


Learn more about owl pellets - even how to distinguish between pellets! No pellets handy? No problem, do a virtual dissection! Be sure to check out the just for fun pages for crossword puzzles; matching games and word searches!

Snowy Owl

Check out Creature Feature on National Geographics for Kids featuring the Snowy Owl!

Quia -
Barn Owls

Check out the matching games, word search and concentration games available on Barn Owls!

[BAD LINK - requires log in]

Nature Conservancy

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Learn more about Hedwick and the other owls featured in Old owlthe Harry Potter series from the Nature Conservancy.

The Barn Owl
(Tyto albq)

Encourage Barn Owls to take up residence in your neighborhood by building owl houses!


Print an owl mask from the Zoboomafoo site!

Owl Identification

Owl on a branchThe U.S. Geological Survey is a great resource for learning more about owls. You can see pictures of the owls; get tips for identifying owls and maps of where the owls can be found!

Animal Diversity Web

Check out University of Michigan's Animal Diversity site to learn more about how owls are basically divided into two different types of owls: the strigidae and the tytonidae families.

Five owls

Hunting owl

Birds of Prey Foundation

Learn the basic facts about owls and raptors and how to build a barn owl house.

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