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Force and Motion for Teachers

For your unit on butterflies or moths, you will want to use this teacher's guide from the Florida Museum of Natural History. A The guide has lessons, activities, coloring pages and diagrams to label.

Show your class these short clips of a butterfly making its chrysalis and watch as it hatches into a butterfly.

Fun Facts about butterflies here.

Do you need butterfly kits, materials, answers to your questions or help? Visit the buttefly site for lots of resources.


Learn about butterflies has a great site for learning more than the basics.

Monarch butterfly


Check out the facts and information available about Monarch butterflies from the Nature Store.

A lesson plan for younger students for the life cycle of a butterfly.

Check out hte Powerpoints available about butterflies from Pete's Powerpoints.

Visit the state insect list!


Moths vs. Butterflies Quiz for you to print and use in your class.

Butterfly catcherThis list of online resources may be all you need to perk up your butterfly unit.

Rockingham County Public Schools has put together a great resource of science materials for your classroom; everything from PowerPoints to Interactive Whiteboard materials to video clips. Lots of butterfly resources!


Short 3 minute video from National Geographic about butterflies and moths.


Life cycle of the Butterfly in a picture slideshow with captions. 14 minutes long, but has an amazing series of photos - a must see!!!

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