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Moon for Teachers

Observing the MoonTeacher lesson plans for your unit on The Moon

Casper College's Central Wyoming Board of Cooperative Educationhas lots of resources available for teaching about the Moon for grades K-12.

Utah State University has compiled a great list of educator resources from NASA.

Earth to Class - has a great moon phases lesson.

Teacher Planet has lots of lessons and worksheets.

Take a look at this lesson plan from A Science Odyssey creating scale models of the Earth and Moon.

The Earth's Moon has some great PowerPoints available for use in the classroom. Lunar rover

Check out these interactive Whiteboard Animations for your unit

Miissouri's NASA center has also compiled a great list of
hands-on activities from NASA

Teach your students a Moon song to learn about moon phases.

The Moon Landing - is a great poem for kids about astronauts landing on the moon.

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