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Sports Physiology Links

Learn about your body through online games and activities at aboutkidshealth.

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How your muscles work..

KidHealth is a great place to find information about your body and how it works. Check out all these topics related to sports from their site.

Bandaged footVisit Sports Medicine for Young Athletes to learn about how to prevent injuries while you are active in your favorite sport or game

Find out more about the President's Challenge Program! Includes information on all aspects of the fitness program.

Perform a virtual hip replacement online here. Or maybe brain surgery is more your style here.


Maybe skateboards are your thing. Find out the science to skateboarding

Sports Illustrated has a kids website. A great place to get the latest in sports news, health and more.


Countdown to the Olympics! Play games, meet the athletes, explore other cultures and check out some of the "behind-the-scenes" action at the Olympics!

Go to Science Kids to play with the science behind many of your favorite sports from bouncing balls to amazing facts and trivia around the field of sports.

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