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Animal Migration Links
bees on a comb

Print a picture of a bee to color – some great bee facts when you hover your mouse over them to stop them from moving and lots more– click here.

Bumble bee art projects here.

Learn more about bees here – nice colorful site with lots of information here.

National Geographic for Kids – Honey Bee Mystery – click here.

The Great Plant Escape – try this activity to learn more about plant pollination here.

Learn about pollination here.


Bee facts for kids – click here.

Learn about bees from Queenie here.

Learn about several species of bees – great information here.

The history of beekeeping here.




Fun Facts about bees and honey here.

More Fun Facts here.

Fun Facts about Honeybees here.

Southern Idaho insect guide here.

Bees4kids here.

Learn more about wasps to see what makes them different than bees here.

KidsHealth – what to do if you are stung. Click here.

bee alighting on a flower

bee pollinating a flower

The British Beekeepers Association has a great site for kids here.

Learn more about hymenoptera here. Bees, wasps and ants!!

Colorful handbook about bees to print here.


All about honeybee dancing here.

Bee anatomy here.
Click on this diagram for the names of the bee parts here.

Kids Growing Strong – learn more about pollination here.

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