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Light and Color Links

Head to Optics For Kids to learn more about light and color. Click here.

Build your own interactive kaleidoscope – way fun! Click here.

Find out more about lasers here.

Fun, fun, fun – optical illusions. Click here.

Learn more about color at Make a Splash with Color here.

The Science of Light – a great site for kids. Click here.

PBS's Dragonfly has a great show on light and color – click here.

Fun facts about light here.

Learn more about rainbows here.

Make your own rainbow. Click here.

Here is a rainbow experiment for you. Click here.


paints and brush

The color wheel – click here.

Interactive color wheel here.

Here is a game for you to play to get Sarah Jane’s Rani out of the hall of mirrors – use your science knowledge to make the trip. Click here.

Playing with light and colour – click here.

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