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Light and Color for Teachers

Visit this site to have access to all sorts of interactive demonstrations about light. Click here.

Use Jello Optics to help illustrate the science of light here.


Some great information on color with a short online quiz. Click here.

Investigate color vision here. Includes a teacher guide and a student guide.

Check out this concept map full of light, vision and color science information – lots of good stuff here.

Fun, fun, fun – optical illusions. Click here.

Explore color here.

Lesson plans for your light unit here.

If you need some background information, click here.


Here is another resource to help you with your background knowledge – complete with great images. Click here.

Here is a list of visual resources for your light and color unit – click here.

Check out these online images of the electromagnetic spectrum – one or more of them should help you in your unit and you can use them on your interactive whiteboard:.

  • Colour Spectrum from Konica Minolta – click here.
  • NASA – click here.
  • More from NASA here.

Electromagnetic spectrum lesson plan here.

reflected light

Lesson, games, experiments, videos – you "gotta" visit this one.

Here is another must!! Interactive activities for you to share on your whiteboard – really good. Click here.

Combining colors experiment here.

brush and palette




Printable lesson plan from Cornell – click here.

Discovery Education has a great lesson plan on the color spectrum here.

Here is a large collection of lesson plans on the topic of light. Click here.

And from the same site, a list of lessons on color here.

Reflections and absorption lesson plan here.

How are rainbows created? Here is a great lesson plan so you can teach the concept to your class. Click here.


Great PowerPoint about rainbows here.

Optical illusions presentation – tells why we see them and how our brain fools us. Then presents a number of optical illusions for you to share with your class. Great on your interactive whiteboard. Click here.

city lights

The speed of light is not as simple as it might seem. Take a look at this for more information here.

More about the speed of light here.

Transparency lesson plan here.

Here’s another transparency lesson plan – click here.

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