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Nervous System for Teachers

Here's a great vocabulary game online for studying about the nervous system.

Nervous system PowerPoints, games, lessons - lots to help you jazz up your nervous system unit. Click here.

Neuroscience for Kids – here is the heart of this site – such a great resource. Click here.

Neuroscience for Kids – great site with lots to do. Click here.

KidsHealth - very helpful site all about health - go here for the adult portion of the site to give you background information and knowledge.

human brain

Take a look at this site!! Tour your neural circuits. From the National Science Teachers Association - really great!! Click here.

NSTA also has some great activities for you to do with your class. Click here.

Have your class make a model of a neuron – instructions here.

You will want to try some of the experiments in reflexes with your class. Click here for instructions.

Instructional activities to help your students understand how the brain and nervous system function. Click here.


Nervous System lesson plans and activities from eThemes. Click here.

Quizzes, puzzles, videos – lots of stuff for your interactive whiteboard that you can use for teaching the nervous system. Click here.


This site is a bit pre-med, but there are some great illustrations that you may want to use on your interactive whiteboard for your unit. Click here.

A pretty cool interactive to explain how messages travel and are used by the nervous system. Click here.

sending a message

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