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Nutrition Links

Take a trip to the Fuel Up to Play 60 where you can go on a Picnic Adventure or play other games. It's the fun and easy way to teach and learn nutrition.

picnic basket

Find out the answers to any and all questions about your health! From banishing bad breath to figuring out food labels this is a cool site for kids of all ages (teachers too!)

Find out why exercise is cool!!!

Be sure to stop in at the Nutrition Café to check on your daily diet and find the missing nutrient or test your trivia.

Kidnetic - lots to do here - play games about nutrition and learn how to keep your body healthy through exercise

Click here.


Food Labels
Get the "skinny" on food labels and what it all means from the official source - the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Just how many servings of chips are in that bag and how many chips equal a serving?

Food Factory
Hey, did you ever think of your body as a factory? This site created by students for students enters the "food factory" to see what it takes to fuel this awesome machine!

BAM! stands for Body and Mind and is brought to you by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Head there for information about physical activity, food and nutrition, diseases.


rabbit in a garden

The Food and Nutrition Information Center has compiled a long list of fun, healthy sites for kids to explore! Munch your way through these sites to nourish your neurons.

Through the teeth, over the tongue, look out stomach...This site will literally have you traveling through the digestive system!

The Virtual Body in English and Spanish

What happens to your food when you eat? How does it provide your body with the necessary nutrients? Check out the digestion tract from MedTek's Virtual Body site!




The Super Crew For Kids

A fun site from Dole - the pineapple people - all about nutrition. With activities and ideas to help you eat better.

My Plate Match Game


U. S. Department of Agriculture

school lunch

Tray Talk - learn more about school lunches

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