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Sound for Teachers

Sometimes the hardest part about teaching a science unit is becoming comfortable with the science topic enough to answer questions and discuss the science with confidence. Take a look at these sites for some background knowledge for yourself.

Sound waves

General Concepts of sound science here.

The Doppler Effect and Shock Waves here.

Great animation of the Doppler Effect here.

How does Sonar work? Find out here.

Does a Duck's quack echo? Find out here.

What causes an echo? Find out here.

Decibel levels of common sounds here.

Tuning fork

Here's another decibel chart that you can print and share. Click here.


Comparing light and sound waves here.

Sound Amplitude and Musical Dynamics here.


Lots of sound resources - including diagrams that you may want to put up on your SmartBoard and share with your class here.

Here is your sound guide - tells you all the science behind sound here.

And another resource if you want more background knowledge here.

Sound PowerPoints and games here.

More PowerPoints and games and teacher lesson resources here.

Great lesson plan ideas:

Sound lessons.

Light waves - sound and light lesson plans here.



Listening to music on headphones


Click here for great activities, experiments, and sound lessons for your class.

Take a peek at these resources for more sound help here.

Video shorts on the science of sound here.

Changing Sounds lesson plan here.

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