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October 10, 2000

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Kathleen Slinger Biography

I grew up in Idaho. I received my BS degree from Idaho State University in mathematics. I taught high school math and science for three years at Raft River High School in Malta. While teaching there, I taught a pilot program in science sponsored by the University of Idaho College of Engineering. This is where my interest in engineering began and I decided to return to school and pursue an engineering degree at the University of Idaho. While at UI I taught various freshman and sophomore classes in engineering. I received a Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering with a structures emphasis from UI in 1981. After various short-lived jobs in Spokane, I returned to Idaho in 1983 and began my career with the Idaho Transportation Department. I have been involved with bridge design,construction, inspection and maintenance since I started here. I have been the state bridge inspection engineer for the past 9 1/2 years. I also taught for UI's engineering program at BSU for three years in the early 90's.

My passion for over 26 years is running. I have competed in races and marathons, including the Boston Marathon, all across the country. My two best training partners are my border collie, Uta and greyhound, Brutus.

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