Birds of Prey

February 13, 2001

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Bald Eagle
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John Doremus Biography

I am 59 years old. I was born in Washington State, moved to Idaho when I was 3. I grew up on a farm north of Middleton, Idaho. I graduated from Middleton High School in 1960 and the College of Idaho (with a BS in Biology) in 1966. I was in the army for 2 years, one in Vietnam. I attended Boise State College to get a Secondary Educators Certificate. I taught science at Midvale, Idaho for 2 years. I began working in the Snake River Birds of Prey area in 1975 as a research technician with the Bureau Of Land Management. I became a management biologist in 1982. I have worked with birds of prey all of my BLM career. I have been married since for 32 years.

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