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December 12, 2000

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Learn about Computers!

PBS Logo Get your web license at PBS Kids
How tech savvy are you?  
Test your Tech knowledge and earn your web license at PBS Kids!
Tech Dictionary
Do you find yourself getting confused because you don’t understand all the complex computer terms? Take a look at this dictionary from A to Z with computer terms. Find out what those complicated computer terms mean!

Computer lessons for kids.
The CyberSmart! Curriculum can be successfully implemented by technology teachers, librarians, media specialists, or classroom teachers who are familiar with using the Internet. A consistent lesson model for Grades K—8 makes planning easy for teachers who work with many grade levels.

Wayback LogoWay Back in History
Check out how far technology has come in the last 100 years! And find out what predictions people made about how technology was going to change their life! If you were a kid in 1900, what do you think is the technology all kids are dying to have? Bet the answer will surprise you!
Check Out These Virtual sites!
Computer ClipartSPACE CAD Learning Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
Take a look at these open-ended design problems where students can apply engineering skills, including CAD. Lessons give a step-by-step process for engineering design that you can use to help you with each of the challenges. Design Your Own: Spacecraft Cabin Layout, Shuttle Crew Galley, Extravehicular, Mobility Unit, Satellite, Lunar Rover, and Mars Lander.

Space ShuttleTech’s "hands-online" Interactive museum!
Explore the technology and science that is constantly changing today! What is a satellite and what exactly does it do? Check out these cool 3-D exhibits and even create your own satellite! Are you interested in robotics? Learn what is inside a robot and what a robot can do. Listen to scientists, researchers, and artists answer questions about robots.

Check out this online exhibit about robots.

Robots and US!
Take a playful look at how biology and engineering are closing the gap between the robots we imagine and today's technical realities.

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Online
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
has an online frog dissection tool where you can dissect without having to touch or smell a frog!
Tropical Fish ClipartVirtual Fish Tank
Ever lost a favorite pet fish? Create your own virtual fish and then you can send your fish into the cyberstream where they end up swimming with more fish created by others in a huge virtual fish tank complete with sharks, treasure chests, magic castles and even a scuba diver!

Space Station
Ever wonder what it would be like to visit the space station? Well now you can take a Virtual Trip to the International Space Station!

Virtual Reality on the Library of Congress "Reaching Out Through Online Interactive Children's Services"
Check out this new Web site that explores The Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
There are fun dinosaur web cams to play and explore with. There is also an exhibit called Dinosaurs in Their World. If you enjoy looking at the structure of the dinosaurs and exploring dinosaurs you will enjoy this site because there is so much to see!
Brock University
This site contains computer graphics examples of the students' work at Brock University in Ontario, Canada. The students have a lot of hands-on experience with high-tech graphics applications. Some of the students are studying computer animation to create cartoons. Take a look at these fun 3D Animations.
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