January 8, 2001

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Mountain Goat
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Jim Hayden Biography

Jim Hayden grew up in northern Pennsylvania, the son of a Wild Turkey Biologist. His love for the outdoors grew naturally from this association, and he spent many enjoyable expeditions trapping turkeys, interviewing hunters, and working at check stations. After a degree in Forestry from Penn State in 1979, he moved west working temporary wildlife jobs in southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming.

While working a fisheries job near Palisades, Idaho, Jim began to spend his spare time watching the mountain goats in the Snake River Range. After scrounging funding and support from here, there, and everywhere, he was able to put together a graduate project on the white ghosts of the Palisades, graduating with a Master's Degree from the University of Montana.

Jim began work as a wildlife biologist with the Idaho Fish and Game in Pocatello in 1984, after a brief stint trapping and radio-collaring grizzlies in Yellowstone. In 1989 Jim was promoted to Regional Wildlife Manager in Pocatello. He is currently the wildlife manager for the Panhandle, having moved to Coeur d'Alene in 1991. Some favorite pastimes are downhill skiing, backpacking, woodworking, and, of course, hunting and fishing. Jim and his wife Vicki have two children, Nathan, age ten, and Natalie, age 8, who keep their parents busy at all times!

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