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January 8, 2001

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Mountain GoatRocky Mountain Goat Links
Wow - there aren't many Web sites about Mountain Goats - but we managed to find a few, and have listed them below for you to explore.

This site has basic information and additional links to learn more about mountain goats.

Kratt's Creatures
This site, developed by PBS for the companion series - Kratt's creatures is for the young at heart.

Mountain Goat Fun Facts
Fun Facts about the Mountain Goat from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Notebook
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has additional information on Mountain Goats for you to explore

Tracking Goats
Part of the "Virtual Boy Scout Handbook" this site has a brief bio on Mountain goats, information on identifying tracks, and you can even hear what a "kid" sounds like!

For more information on Mountain Goats, visit your local library and look for these books:

A Beast the Color of Winter: The Mountain Goat Observed by Douglas Chadwick copyright 1983 *

Mountain Goats by Frank Staub Early Bird Nature Books, copyright 1994

Mountain Goat in Idaho by Stewart M. Brandborg, copyright 1955

* New Publisher for A Beast the Color of Winter: The Mountain Goat Observed by Douglas Chadwick Bison Books, a division of the University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln NB
Due out in February 2002

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