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January 8, 2001

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Lesson Plans

All of the lesson plans and activity sheets listed below are provided by Idaho Project Wild.

De-Feet -
Students will investigate concepts surrounding Predator and Prey relative to Mountain Goats.

Mountain Goat Escape -
Students will design, build and test animal hooves that will be best adapted for a variety of substrate.

Hang On, Get A Grip
Students will demonstrate adaptations of specialization of feet for specific habitat.

Kids on the Edge
Students will learn about and understand the hazards and perils of the life of a mountain goat.


Activity Sheets
All activity sheets are directly related to information students will find within the Dialogue For Kids Mountain Goats Web site.

Mountain Goat Matching
Match the Mountain Goat terms to their definitions.

Cross Number
Students can test their mathematical abilities with this "Billy" of a Cross number puzzle.

Draw a Mountain Goat
Even if your students don't consider themselves artists, they can learn how to draw a Mountain goat with these four easy shapes!

Idaho Mountain Goat Ranges
Identify the Idaho mountain ranges where Mountain goats live.

Mountain Goat Relatives
Learn about what animals are directly related to Mountain Goats.

Mountain Goat Quiz
After studying the Dialogue For Kids Web site about Mountain Goats, have students take the Mountain Goat Quiz to see how much they have learned!

Relative Research
Find the similarities and differences between Mountain Goats and their cousins.

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