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April 9, 2002

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The Structure of the Earth
Outer Core
Inner Core
solid, rocky, outer layer of the Earth
middle layer of the Earth
outer layer of the center of the Earth
inner layer of the center of the Earth
3 - 43 mm thick, surface temperatures
about 1,800 mm thick, 1,000 degrees C
about 1,300 mm thick 3,700 degrees C
about 800 mm thick, 4,000 degrees C
made of the solid rock and soil that you can see, and also the floor of the ocean
top part is solid but the inner part is so hot that some of the rocks are soft and nearly melted. This is called magma.
even hotter than the mantle and rocks here are molten.
Intense pressure make the rocks here solid.
     The Rock Cycle

An example of crystals


Two more representations of the Geologic Time Scale:

Proportional Geologic Time Scale

Geologic Time Scale

from The Children's museum of Indianapolis

The Geologic Time Scale
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