November 19, 2002

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Zoom Logo ZOOM Science
Build your own dam with this great activity from ZOOM!

Walk Through a Hydroelectric Project
Just how does water create electricity? Take a "virtual" tour through a hydroelectric plan and see how dams can turn the force of falling water into electricity.

Fish Ladder Clipart Dams and Fish
There has been a lot in the news about dams and fish. How do fish manage to get by a dam? Can they?

GeoGuide Dams
National Geographic has put together a Geo-Guide on investigating dams to help you contemplate why—and how—people build dams, and to explore the good and bad impacts a dam may have on a community.

Dam ClipartCracking Dams
This is a great site about dams. Explore the pros and cons to building dams and investigate the building principles of dams and what happens when dams fail.

Snake River Dam Controversy
There is controversy surrounding the Snake River Dams. What do you think? Check out the different viewpoints before you make a decision.

Hoover Dam
Learn more about the history of Hoover Dam, one of the largest dams in the United States.

Building Big LogoBuilding Big - Dams
This is a great site to learn more about dams! There is an interactive lab to learn more about the materials, forces, loads and shapes that affect the way a dam is built.

Inflatable Dams
What in the world? Check out these dams! Instead of using concrete or earth - these dams are inflatable!

Dam ClipartWorld's Highest dams
What is the world's highest dam? Where is the largest dam located? Did you know that Idaho has a dam that is in the top 25? Find out about the biggest dams in the world and amaze your friends!

Become an Engineer
Now that you have learned all about dams, learn how you can become an engineer and build big!

American Experience: Hoover Dam
Learn about one of the great dams of the United States, how and why it was built; who built it; and a timeline of events. There is also a teacher's guide available for use in the classroom.

SchoolHouse                Lesson Links                   SchoolHouse

Dam-it? I Just Don't Know!?!
This lesson plan compares and contrasts Hoover Dam and the Three Gorges project. Students analyze the environmental and societal impact of dams.

Building Big LogoBuilding Big Teacher's Guide
This website about BIG structures includes a teacher's guide with over 20 activities correlated to national standards. There are also several great interactive labs to help students understand the shapes and forces behind building a dam.

Bonneville Power Administration http://www.bpa.gov/Corporate/KR/ed/nwpower/npsc_lessons.htm
This site from the Bonneville Power Administration has lesson plans on hydroelectric power, maps of the major river systems for junior high students but could easily be adapted for use in the intermediate grades.

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