September 17, 2002

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EPA Explorers LogoEPA Explorer's Club
From science experiments to coloring pages, the EPA has a ton of great information on caring for our planet! You can even sign up to become a member of the Planet Protectors Club!

Backyard Jungle LogoBackyard Jungle
You've always known that your backyard was a cool place. Now, with Backyard Jungle, you can share it with others, and learn about the world around you!

Investigating DuckSecrets at Sea
Become a detective and help solve the mystery of sick whales while learning about ocean ecosystems!

Kids Planet
This is a great site to learn more about the Web of Life! This site includes facts about endangered species, interactive games and there is a whole section on wolves!

Zoom LogoBiome in A Baggy
The ZOOM team has a great science experiment for you to try at home!

Kids F.A.C.E.
Organized by a 9-year old in 1989, Kids For a Clean Environment is now one of the world's largest youth environmental organizations. Find out how you can start a local chapter for kids who are interested in taking care of the environment.

Garbage LogoGarbage
Learn more about how you can reduce the waste and garbage in your life and help make a difference in the environment.

Biodiversity- Everything Counts!
Learn how species are related, what work is being done to save endangered species and how biodiversity makes the earth go round!

World ClipartKids Do Ecology    en Español
Excited about Ecology? Find out how to become an ecologist and what kinds of careers are available for ecologists! Also learn how Fifth-graders in California are learning to be junior ecologists!

Kratt's Creatures
Check out the creatures of the world with the Kratt brothers!

Looking at Bugs Franklin Institute
The Franklin Institute has a great site about ecosystems with lots of investigations for you to try on your own!

Wild World
Check out this site from National Geographic and the World Wildlife Fund! You can search by eco-region, habitat type, zip code or place-name! Make a map of your region and find out about your local ecosystem!

Kids Go Wild
The Wildlife Conservation Society has a great site for Kids! Test your skills and creativity in the "Wild Arcade" or check out the "Wild Animal Facts."

Microbes Role in Ecosystems
What are microbes and how do they affect the environment? Join Sam Sleuth to solve microbe mysteries!

There is a lot of great information on the Web about Biomes! Visit the sites below to buff up on Biomes!

Build your own prairie or watershed with these games from the University of Minnesota!
Amazon Rainforest
ParrottExplore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest through online games and activities.
World ClipartThe World's Biomes

The University of California has a great site with lots of information on the World's Biomes.
Biomes of the World
This site goes into greater detail about each of the Biomes, breaking them down into smaller regions.
NASA Classroom of the Future

NASA not only looks to the stars, they also have great information about Planet Earth!
What's It Like Where You Live?
Swing in a Tree
More info on the world's Biomes! This site has pictures of the animals and plants from each of the major biomes!
The Living Schoolbook
Eighth grade students from Syracruse, NY examine Biomes and have created a Website for other students!
Blue Planet Biomes

Still looking for Biome basics? Check out the info from Blue Planet!

Schoolhouse     Resources for Teachers     Schoolhouse

Earth on Edge
Is our planet in trouble? Check out this site to learn more about how we are affecting our environment.

Environmental Awareness - Teaching Guides     en Español
The University of Illinois has created six separate teacher guides for teaching about the environment. (Note: All guides are in PDF form)

American Field Guide
Immerse yourself in the great outdoors without ever leaving the classroom. Tap into the sights and sounds from a wide variety of environments throughout America. This site has over 1400 video clips for your class to experience America's wilderness firsthand!

Scientific American Frontiers
Great background about endangered species and ecosystems and what some are doing to restore local ecosystems. Teacher's guide and streamed archive of the program are available via the Web. An additional lesson plan on how ecosystems work is also available from the episode on the Galapagos Islands.

Teacher's Guide to Habitats
In depth guide for teachers on all facets of Ecosystems.

Food Web Ocean lesson plan
In this lesson plan, students will identify the producers and consumers in an ecosystem, make a model of a food web, and explain how changes in the population of one organism can affect the entire food web.

Yellowstone Food Web
In this lesson plan students will investigate the interdependence of wildlife in the Yellowstone ecosystem.

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