January 21, 2003

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Bugling Elk
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Jon Rachael Biography

Jon Rachael developed a love for all wildlife as a youngster growing up in central Pennsylvania. He spent much of his free time observing and photographing birds, raccoons, foxes, and deer in the farm land around his home. His interest in wildlife led him to choose Wildlife Science as a major for his Bachelor of Science degree at The Pennsylvania State University.

After graduating in 1988, Jon decided to head west to the Rocky Mountains where he entered graduate school at The University of Montana in Missoula to pursue a Master of Science degree in Wildlife Biology. While conducting his thesis research on wolves, deer, and elk, Jon lived in a cabin without electricity, telephone, or running water for 18 months in a remote area in the beautiful mountains on the western edge of Glacier National Park. During his day-to-day activities, he frequently encountered grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, moose, deer, and elk. Although, not an every-day occurrence, the sound of wolves howling around the cabin at dusk is an experience he will never forget.

After completing his Master's Degree in 1992, Jon came to work for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. During the last 10 years Jon participated in coordinating statewide management programs for deer, elk, antelope, black bears, mountain lions, and gray wolves. For the last year and a half Jon has been the Regional wildlife manager for the Southwest Region where he responsible for management of all wildlife species.

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