May 20, 2003

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Kevin Young has always been interested in science and engineering as long as he can remember. When he was seven, his dad helped him build a small speaker phone from a Radio Shack kit and from that point on, Kevin was hooked on electrical engineering. He went to high school at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls, Idaho and went on to college at Utah State University where he earned his degree in Electrical Engineering. He later earned a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Idaho. Kevin's hobbies include playing the saxophone and water-skiing.
Kevin teaching rocketry
Mike Occhionero, P.E. is a Mechanical Engineer in the National Security Division of the INL. He manages engineering and technology projects for counter terrorism, military, and law enforcement agencies. These technologies include robotics, vulnerability assessments of critical infrastructure, cargo inspection, and computer controlled systems. These are all important because information on how terrorists plan to target our infrastructure and us infrastructure to attack our way of life is critical to preventing attacks and arresting terrorists. One of his engineering projects involves putting sensors, and weapons on a robot or unmanned vehicle. We unusually think of unmanned vehicles as aircraft but ground vehicles are presented with some very difficult challenges. A small vehicle is very limited in navigation due to obstacles. It takes constant human intervention to perform simple tasks, especially when weapons are involved. Before he was at the INL, Mike was a Naval Officer and flew jet airplanes, he has also been a test engineer where he tested missiles and aircraft avionics. He received a BS and MS from California State University. Mike lives in Idaho Falls, with his wife, and three children, their hobbies include, hunting, motorcycling, gardening, and swimming.
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