May 20, 2003

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Eye Spy
Eye Spy
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     The word "SPY" comes from the French word, "espionage".
What is Espionage? Espionage is the act of spying. This art has been around for 4,000 years! Secret messages were written on clay tablets so top-secret information could be passed on. The SPY's mission: to get , duplicate, and/ or steal secret information undetected, and to communicate this information to those who can take action.

Today the techniques and equipment of spying are far more complicated than the earliest spies could ever have imagined. You might have seen movies where the spies have a tiny camera hidden in a pen, an umbrella which is really a poison dart, or a secret message hidden a shoe.

Today's spy technology inventors are working on some really imaginative creations. Their technology carries out duties that are very dangerous to humans. So humans can be far away from the action.

Meet Mike and Kevin Below

The CIA has an online Virtual Tour of artifacts and tools that spies have used throughout history such as the Silver Dollar Hollow Container and an Enigma Encoding Machine.

Meet the CIA's K-9 Corp or Harry and Aerial, Aerial Photography Pigeons

Mike & Morticia, the robot      Meet Mike

Kevin Young and Michael Occhionero are two of creative engineers who work at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, or INEEL.

Kevin teaching about rockets

Meet Kevin

More cool technology

Military commanders and national leaders need to know if chemical warfare agents are present before sending troops into hostile territory.

Researchers at DOE’s Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory can now detect part-per-million levels of chemical warfare agents. This is "PINS, portable isotopic neutron spectroscopy, that sees through steel to identify chemical elements inside a container without opening the container. PINS

Packbot is a tough little robot Small in size, but durable and versatile, Packbot was designed to venture into areas too dangerous for people.


There are even robots that can detect harmful radiation, vacuum dangerous waste, and search for landmines.

And there are mini-robots.

Hazmat precautions A Hazmat Camera and a protective suit.
Now is your chance to meet some real spies, learn more about robots, and work with code.

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 Many thanks to INEEL (Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory) for their partnership and assistance in this project by providing information and some the photographs.
INEEL Logo         The INEEL is a science-based, applied engineering national laboratory, dedicated to supporting the DOE's missions in energy, national security, science and environmental research. The INEEL is operated for the DOE by Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC.
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