January 20, 2004

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The Wind - It's Amazing!
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Tamara Cougar

Tamara Cougar is a Senior in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Idaho. She used to work for NASA as an Aeronautical and Astronautical student engineer. She first worked in Mission Control doing research, then she became an astronaut instructor. She left NASA to get a Mechanical Engineering degree and start her own engineering company in North Idaho. She will develop products to save lives and help the environment.

Right now she works with "regenerative braking systems" for cars and trucks. When your parents step on the brakes of your car, all of the energy that the car had is wasted. With a "regenerative braking system," we can capture that energy and give it back to the car when it starts moving again. This saves gas, cuts down on pollution, and even makes the car last longer.

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