January 20, 2004

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The Wind - It's Amazing!
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Information about Energy - Related Words

These organizations provide comprehensive glossaries about energy: Photo of wind generators

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A Mini-Glossary
alternative fuel any fuel for vehicles other than petroleum-based products. Examples are: electric, alcohol, hydrogen, solar.
biomass energy renewable source of energy that has been stored in plant and animal material. Examples are: wood, bark, sawdust, grasses, farm wastes, compost, ethanol from corn, methane from landfills.
energy crops crops grown for fuel, including food crops and nonfood crops.
fossil fuels nonrenewable energy that comes from the decay of over millions of years. Examples are:c coal, natural gas, and coal.
geothermal energy renewable source of energy from the internal heat of the earth. Examples: steam, volcanoes, hot springs.
hydropower renewable energy source using energy from flowing water to produce electricity
solid waste using trash or garbage to produce energy by burning it or by capturing the gasses it gives off as fuel
nonrenewable energy energy sources that are either unable to be replaced naturally or very slowly. Examples are: coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear fuels (uranium)
photovoltaic energy renewable energy source that converts light energy into electricity
renewable energy natural energy that never runs out and is naturally and quickly replenished Examples are: solar, wind, hydropower, biomass and geothermal energy.
solar energy renewable energy source from the sun
waves and tides renewable sources of energy that use the force of the ocean waves and tides
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