January 20, 2004

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Solar Energy
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Solar Power!Visit  Dr. E's Energy Lab to find out more about alternative fuels
energy tips

wind energy
geothermal energy
solar energy, from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Watch this excellent slide show about energy.
Your host, Energy Ant, from the Energy Information Administration, will lead you through a journey about renewable and non-renewable energy.
Head to Energy Quest from the California Energy Commission for:

questions and answers about energy ,
an introduction to "what is energy" and its various sources ,
how some energy things operate
of Energy Pioneers.

Teacher Resource clipart Lesson Plans from Energy Quest, a website from the California Energy Commission.

Dr. E's Energy Lab is good for kids and teachers with sections about alternative fuels, energy tips, and wind, geothermal,and solar energy.
Learning about Photovoltaics, from the US Department of Energy, has information about how solar cells work, what they're made of, and their uses. Check your knowledge with one of the quizzes. Turning Sunlight into Energy features an Animation of how a solar cell works.
Energy ClipartThe California Energy Commission has books, brochures, and information you can download from the Energy Quest Library.
Solar Matters A Solar Energy Science Unit For Intermediate Students In grades 3 through 5.
Geothermal Energy from INEEL, Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Education Resources
Geothermal Education Office Web site and Resources for teachers
Franklin Institute Science Museum provides guidelines for teachers on Investigating Wind Energy including four inquiry-based activities.
Renewable Energy Lesson Plans Texas State Energy Conservation Office

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