March 16, 2004

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Habitat Link Title

Habitat clipartKids & Habitats
Check out the fun activities for learning about habitats - Build a lady bug house, adopt a wooly bear or learn how to preserve a spider web.
  Scientist ClipartMealworm Habitat

Make a habitat for mealworms!
Butterfly habitat photoButterfly Habitat www.americanhumane.org/kids/insects.htm
The Humane Society has great info about creating a habitat that will attract butterflies!   
  Worm ClipartEarthworm Habitat
games /teacher/frogs/index.htm

Build a habitat for earth worms!

Build Your Own Prairie Habitat
If you choose the right plants and animals, you can watch the prairie come to life before your eyes!

  Tree clipartFranklin Institute
Investigate the world around you with the Franklin Institute! This web site has lots of things for you explore on your own!

Backyard Jungle
Backyard Jungle Logo
You've always known that your backyard was a cool place. Now, with Backyard Jungle, you can share it with others, and learn about the world around you!

Habitat ClipartWisconsin Wildlife
Lots of great information on habitats from the great state of Wisconsin!

NASA Classroom of the Future
NASA not only looks to the stars, they also have great information about Planet Earth!

Habitats: Home Sweet Home
National Geographic has a great website for students and teachers wanting to learn about habitat and environment!

Gazelle photoThe Wild Habitat
Check out this great site created by high school students for ThinkQuest. There is a ton of great information for learning about animals and their habitats!

Ocean Clipart Ocean Habitats
The Office of Naval Research are the experts when looking for information on ocean habitats!

Clipart TreeRainforest Animal Habitats
Did you know the Rainforest supports almost half of all living species on Earth? Find out more about Rainforests at the Arbor Day Foundation Website.

Acadia National Park
There are many different types of habitats in Acadia National Park, including mountains, ponds, forests, and tidepools. Your mission is to choose the best habitat for six animals. You will explore some of the animals' special features along the way. Have fun!

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
This site is worth a visit, if only to meet the Website host - Beauregard Beaver. Beauregard will help you explore three different habitats!

World Wildlife Fund Logo
World Wildlife Fund Global


Amazing amounts of information with great pictures of the different habitats around the globe!

Wildlife Fact Sheets

These factsheets from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service provide great information about specific animals and their habitats.

More Factsheets
World Clipart
Schoolhouse Clipart   Resources for Teachers  Schoolhouse Clipart
Habitat Sort
Lesson plan features classifying animal crackers into the correct habitat.

Teacher's Guide to Habitats
In depth guide for teachers on all facets of Ecosystems.

This companion web site to the popular PBS series NATURE has teacher guides available with numerous lesson plans and activities for teaching about the world around us.

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Ecology Facts

Learn more with
Ecology Links

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