November 18, 2003

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Human Skin - It's Amazing!
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A glossary from the Tolo Lake Mammoth website. Tolo Lake is located in Grangeville, ID.
extinct no longer existing
fossil hardened remains, an impression or a trace of prehistoric animal or plant life that have been preserved for thousands of years in the Earth's crust.
geology scientific study of the earth's composition, physical properties, history, and structure
Ice Age see Pleistocene
in-situ in place, where it is found.
migration to move from one region to another
paleontology a branch of biology that studies plant and animal fossils.

The Ice Age(s) and period in the world's history from about one million years ago until about 10,000 years ago. During the Pleistocene or Ice Age, the earth's climate was colder and much of the earth was covered with ice.

tusk teeth that extend from the animal's mouth
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