November 18, 2003

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Mammoths they are Amazing!
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Susanne J. Miller

Ms. Miller has 35 years experience directing or participating in archaeological and paleontological research, field inventories, excavations and preparation of environmental impact assessments and heritage resource management plans. She has working knowledge of historic preservation and environmental protection statues and regulations, public land and resource management, and Native American concerns. Her professional emphasis is on the prehistory of the Great Basin, Intermountain, and western Great Plains areas and she has worked in Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Norway and England.

Ms. Miller specializes in the identification of Pleistocene and Holocene archaeological and paleontological vertebrate remains, and human osteology and forensics. She has excavated several archaeological and paleontological sites in southern Idaho, including the Wasden Site in western Bonneville County where mammoth bones were discovered in association with prehistoric tools. She was excavation director at the Tolo Lake Mammoth Site in northern Idaho where portions of more than ten mammoth skeletons were recovered from a lake bed.

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