February 15, 2005

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I am a professor of engineering at Boise State University where I have worked for 5 years. During my career I have worked in the fields of robotics and computer simulations of electrical and mechanical systems (and combinations of them). My work has given me the opportunity to work on projects as diverse as artificial hearts, railroad cars, and bottlenose dolphins. I love to work with people of all ages, helping them better understand what engineers do and how they do it. Electricity is one of my favorite topics because it's both mysterious and very understandable once you've had the correct introduction.

I hold three college degrees in engineering, a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from Cleveland State University and a masters and Ph.D. (also in mechanical engineering) from The Ohio State University. I have worked in 4 engineering schools around the country: University of Delaware, Penn State, University of California at Davis and now Boise State.

In addition to my work at the university, I am on the advisory board for Project Lead the Way, a pre-engineering program at the high school level that is a joint effort between the Boise, Meridian and Nampa School districts. I am married to Barbara Bowling, a local metal artist and have two grown daughters.

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