February 15, 2005

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"Charged Up" Places for Kids to Visit

Check out these Static electricity websites:

Take a look at this good place for more explanations about static electricity. "What is Static Electricity?" Scroll down to the section, "I Can Read."

You'll have fun at The Boston Museum of Science activity site for static electricity. Here you'll work with balloons, dancing paper bunnies, and styrofoam pellets. You'll build a simple "electroscope, a device for measuring static electricity.

Science Made Simple has a few activities that you can easily do alone or with friends.

This is the place to sit back and watch a movie demonstrating how a circuit works. It also explains conductors and insulators.

Are you too scared to visit Frankenstein's Lightning Laboratory for a lesson about electrical safety? You'll meet the crazy friends of Frankenstein who are not being very safe!!!

Build a switch at Louie's Place.

Visit the ThinkQuest Junior site, developed by kids, called "The Shocking Truth about Electricity" to find out how to make a lemon powered light bulb, a voltaic pile (What's that?), a charger, and an electromagnet.

And finally, if you STILL have more questions you can always ask a Scientific American expert.

Lightning Bolt

"Hair-raising" Sites for Teachers

Science Made Simple
has a simple explanation of electricity and a few demonstrations.

Newton's Apple Show #1513 is titled "Lightning." The show is very informative and the Teacher's Guide is helpful in explaining the connection between lightning and static electricity.

"Why don't birds get electrocuted when they sit on power lines?" is the subtitle of Newton's Apple Electricity Show #1211. Take a look at the Teacher's Guide with an activity about conduction.

Tennis balls are a clever way to teach students about a DC current. This lesson plan comes to you from The Boston Museum of Science. This site also provides for teachers background information about static electricity.

NOAA has a spectacular page of lightning photos.

NASA provides actual movies of lightning taken from space. Scroll down to the MPEGS to find them.

Learn more about Wind Power at The Environmental Education Station.

Another creative and informative website from the kids at ThinkQuest Junior. This one is called "The Shocking Truth about Electricity".

These Ask Eric Lesson plans can be used as an introduction to electricity and static electricity.

Power Companies in Idaho: Idaho Public Utilities Commission, Clearwater Power Company, Kootenai Electric Company

Photos of Dams in Idaho


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