May 17, 2005
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Conkling, John A. Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: Basic Principles & Theory. Marcel Dekker, New York, NY 1986.

ISBN 0824774434
      A very detailed book on the fundamental chemical principles involved in the making of fireworks.

fireworks burstingConkling, John A. Pyrotechnics. Scientific American, July 1990, pp 96-102.

ISBN 00368733
      A good, basic article about how fireworks work. 

DeVincent Hayes, Gianni. Zambelli: The First Family of Fireworks : A Story of Global Success. Paul S. Eriksson (September 28, 2003).

ISBN: 0839792999
     The story of the Zambelli family, the world's largest manufacturer and exhibitor of fireworks, unfolds in this biography about an Italian family that came to America in search of a better life and, through hard work and determination, achieved extraordinary success in the pyrotechnic industry. The Zambellis have been in charge of some of the largest and most prestigious firework displays and have contributed to more than 100 years of Fourth of July celebrations. The moving stories behind the family and their business are intertwined with information about how and where fireworks are made, what goes on behind the scenes at a fireworks show, and what bigger and brighter fireworks will ignite the future. 

Zambelli Family Website

Flora, James. The Fabulous Firework Family. Margaret K. McElderry; 1st ed edition (March 1, 1994).

ISBN: 0689505965
Grade 1-4
      Pepito and Amelia live with their parents in the village of Santiago. They are known as The Fabulous Firework Family because they create the finest pyrotechnic displays in all of Mexico. At the request of some dignitaries, they construct the largest, noisiest, and most colorful firework castillo for the birthday celebration of their village's patron saint. .A brief prefatory explanation of the tradition of fireworks in Mexican celebrations is included. Spanish words are included. Flora's pen and ink illustrations of bright blues, pinks, and yellows capture the festive atmosphere, and the busy, detailed drawings are fun to pore over. Lauren Mayer, New York Public Library 

Clipart of fireworksKlofkorn, Warren. Bonfires & Illuminations: Remembrances of fireworks and the Fourth. American Fireworks News (AFN), Dingmans Ferry, PA, 1994.

ISBN 0929931106
      This collection of poems and articles from the late 19th and early 20th century provide a fun look at how we once were. 

Kuklin, Susan. Fireworks: The Science, the Art, the Magic. Hyperion (Juv) (July 1, 1996).

ISBN: 0786820829
Grade 3-6
     "Ooooh! Ahhh!" The appreciative cries of delighted onlookers are almost audible in this visually appealing book on the fireworks produced by the Gruccis of Long Island, New York. Kuklin takes readers right into the factory where the family and longtime employees load the shells that will ultimately become Roman candles, blue and golden spiders, white waves, and more. The clear text describes the mechanics of fireworks and follows the pyrotechnicians as they prepare for a show. The stars of this book are the full-color photographs. Glorious explosions almost burst from the pages, just as the Gruccis' finales fill the night sky. Kathleen McCabe, East Meadow Public Library, NY

Plimpton, George. Fireworks: A History & Celebration. Doubleday; 1st ed edition (August 14, 1984).

ISBN: 0385154143      
      The fireworks book about history, practices and use around the world.
After watching a breathtaking display of fireworks in New York's Central Park, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis urged George Plimpton to write a history of fireworks. The result is Plimpton's quirky but interesting memoiristic musing on fireworks through the ages, replete with fantastic illustrations.  

Clipart of fireworksRocker, Megan, Bob Wolfe, Diane Wolfe, Robert L. Wolfe. How It Happens at the Fireworks Factory (How It Happens). Oliver Press (June 30, 2004) .

ISBN: 1881508978

Salatino, Kevin. Incendiary Art: The Representation of Fireworks in Early Modern Europe. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Trust Publications (November 1, 1997).

ISBN: 0892364173
     Before the days of MTV and DVD's, fireworks were one of the most widely popular forms of entertainment. From Shakespearean plays to celebrations in the court of Louis XIV to the peace celebrations of 1749 at The Hague, explore the social and historical context of fireworks in early European culture through historic prints, paintings, and narrative descriptions.  

Shidlovskiy, A. A. Principles of Pyrotechnics. 3rd edition. American Fireworks News (AFN), Dingmans Ferry, PA, 1964.

ISBN 0929931130
      A 1997 revision of this classic work with an index added for easy reference. 

Clipart of fireworksShimizu, Takeo. Fireworks: Art, Science, and Technique. New York: Pyrotechnica Pubns; 3rd edition (June 1, 1996).

ISBN 0929388046
      The favorite volume of fireworks buffs, Shimizu's text is full of information on both artistic and scientific topics related to fireworks. You'll also find a detailed history of the Japanese firework industry and loads of color photographs.  

Weingart, George W. Dictionary & Manual of Fireworks. American Fireworks News Dingmans Ferry, PA, (January 1, 1996)

ISBN: 0929931122
      A 1996 reprint of his original 1937 works plus the private letters between Weingart and Orv Carlisle, one of the eminent fireworks enthusiasts of this century.

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