November 16, 2004

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Fossil Snake Skeleton

Enter The Paleontology Portal where you can use a map to explore the history of life through geologic time in North America.

At the Fossil Gallery look for information about many different kinds of fossils.

Learn about the Burgess Shale, Petrified Forests and more!!! at Famous Fossil Finds in North America

Discover The History of Life at the University of California Berkeley Museum of Fossil FishPaleontology
and take a guess at the mystery fossil.

Then explore the Online Exhibits , or Collections of microfossils, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates and the Geologic Time Scale.

Follow these diagrams and discover: What is a fossil and how do they form?

Head to the Royal Ontario Museum's fossil cyber-display with all your fossil questions...and uncover exciting things when you Play a fossil game!! Royal Ontario Museum Even though the Paleontological Museum of Oslo Norway is far away, you can view the fossil showcases online!

Listen to the radio broadcast of scientist Howard Stableford as he embarks on a wonderful detective story following the clues which lead him to the lost world of the amber forests.  

Fossils, fossils and more fossils...Lots of photos and more information

Dinosaur SkeletonFossils in Idaho

Paleobotany is a website devoted to fossil plants.
Eocene fossils from Green River
Images such as a Wading Bird, and Starfish.

 Dinosaur "Young People Telling Young People About Fossils"
is a site from Australia which includes information about dinosaurs.

What are Trilobites?

...and now for Trilobite World.

The most familiar fossil is probably the Ammonite, a member of the same group of animals as the octopus. What is an ammonite?  

Looking at rocksDo you want to be a scientist? Dig into these sites about careers...
I want to be a paleontologist!

  Discover the world when crocodiles ruled at this interactive site. Go on a virtual fossil dig.  
Take a journey as you investigate "What killed the Dinosaurs?," from BBC.  
Question Marks Get the real story, Fossil Myths and Legends.
Sites for Teachers

Resources for teachers from the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Teacher resources from the Paleontology Portal (includes teacher guides.) Dragonfly Clipart

The Great Fossil Find Students are taken on an imaginary fossil hunt. Following a script read by the teacher, students "find" (remove from envelope) paper "fossils" of some unknown creature, only a few at a time. Each time, they attempt to reconstruct the creature, and each time their interpretation tends to change as new pieces are "found."

Common Geological Terms for Teachers

Evolution and the fossil record from the American Geological Institute, a good resource for teachers.

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