January 18 , 2005

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Animal Tracks Wetlands Action Pack (National Wildlife Federation,1998)

Between Land and Water: The Wetlands of Idaho (Nongame Wildlife Leaflet #9, Idaho Department of Fish and Game)

The Ecology of Geothermal Springs in South-Central Idaho by Robert Moseley (www2.state.id.us/fishgame/moser95h.pdf)

For Everything There Is a Season by Frank Craighead (Falcon,1994)

A Landowner's Guide to Montana Wetlands by Judy McCarthy (Montana Watercourse/Bozeman,1999)

The Last Wild Edge:One Woman's Journey from the Arctic Circle to the Olympic Rain Forest by Susan Zwinger (Johnson Books,1999)

Montana Native Plants and Early Peoples by Jeff Hart (Montana Historical Society, Helena,1992)

Montana Stream Management Guide (Montana Department of Environmental Quality,1995)

"Protection of Wetlands: Executive Order No.11990" by James Carter (Federal Register, May 24, 1977:26961)

Ranger Rick's NatureScope: Wading Into Wetlands (National Wildlife Federation, 1998)

Water: A Natural History by Alice Outwater (Basic Books, 1998)

Wetland Resources of Yellowstone National Park by Charles R. Elliott and Mary M. Hektner (Yellowstone National Park, WY, 2000)

Wetlands: The Audubon Society Nature Guides by William Niering (Knopf 1985)

Wetlands by William Mitsch and James Gosselink (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1986)

Wetlands: Guide to Science, Law, and Technology by Mark Dennison and James Berry (Noyes, 1993)

WILD About Salmon by Carolyn Duckworth (Idaho Department of Fish and Game, 1999)

WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands by Alan Kesselheim (Montana Watercourse and Environmental Concern, Inc., 1995)

On The Internet

Begin with the sites listed below, or enter "wetlands" in any search engine and explore what turns up!

Ducks Unlimited

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

National Wetlands Inventory

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Conservation Reserve Program
Wetlands Reserve Program
Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program

Nature Conservancy

The Ramsar Conventionon Wetlands

For Kids

Between Cattails by Terry Tempest Williams (MacMillan,1985)

Estuaries: Where Rivers Meet the Sea by Laurence Pringle (MacMillan,1993)

Nature Search: Wetlands by Andrew Langley (William Morrow, Inc.,1993)

The Salamander Room by Anne Mazer (Knopf,1991)

Swamp Life: A Close-Up Look at the Natural World of a Swamp by Theresa Greenaway (Dorling Kindersley, 1993)


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