January 18 , 2005

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When you enter a wetlands habitat, you are entering an environment that supports thousands of plants, hundreds of birds, and almost all of the fish and shellfish that we consume.

Permanent residents of wetlands in the Intermountain West include algae, bacteria, and other micro-organisms; animals such as the mosquito, dragonfly, and numerous aquatic insects, plus toads, the leopard frog, tiger salamander, pupfish, crayfish, beaver, muskrat; plants such as sedges and bulrushes, berry bushes, shrub willows, and cottonwoods.

Seasonal residents include the American peregrine falcon, the whooping crane, ducks, geese, swans, numerous sparrows and warblers, bitterns, avocets, black-necked stilts, deer, elk, black bear, brown bear, bald eagle, osprey, trout, and salmon.


Almost half of the threatened and endangered species in the United States rely directly or indirectly on wetlands for their survival. In Idaho, for example, 49 species of rare plants and 29 species of rare animals depend on wetlands.

Idaho's Rare
Wetlands Species:


Bristly sedge

Giant heleborine

bog willow

Purple meadow rue

Bull trout

Northern leopard frog

Coeur d'Alene salamander

Northern bog lemming

Brown Bear

Whooping Crane

Rare Species in the U.S.

San Marcos salamander

Wyoming toad

Concho water snake

San Francisco garter snake

American crocodile

Light-footed clapper rail

Wood stork

Bachman's warbler

Roseate tern

Everglade snail kite

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