March 15, 2005

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Gregg Losinski Biography

Gregg is the Regional Conservation Educator for the Upper Snake Region and works out of Idaho Falls. His job is to not only talk to students, but also teach teachers and the general public about fish and wildlife. So that he can get the story right, he gets to take part in all the neat things that Fish and Game does. While helping with projects like deer trapping or catching poachers, he also takes pictures and video for newspaper and television. He writes stories about what Fish and Game is doing and also speaks on the radio and to sportsman's groups and clubs.

Gregg grew up in Illinois and was very involved in Boy Scouts. He went to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and got a Bachelors Degree in Scientific Land Management and went on to work for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the National Park Service. He worked for and received a Masters Degree in Education from Idaho State University before joining Idaho Fish & Game. He has a wife, Kristine, who is a teacher, and three sons, Benjamin 15, Jacob 13, and David 10. Benjamin went to Panama last year as part of the Jason Project, Jacob is a junior hunter education instructor and David wrote a story about fishing for the December 2004 issue of Wildlife Express. They're a family that likes to spend a lot of time in the outdoors and read lots whenever they're forced inside.

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