December 13, 2005

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Walk through Time
Don't miss a "walk" through time on this interactive Web site from the BBC!

Colonial Williamsburg
Explore the past with Colonial Williamsburg online quizzes and games. You can even explore toys of the past

Beneath New York City
What lies beneath the streets of New York City? Lots of archaeological treasures! See what has been found underneath one neighborhood!

Join the NOVA team as they search for the lost city of Ubar, a rich and fabulous trading center of ancient Arabia that supposedly rose out of the desert and then mysteriously vanished back into the sands. Can the NOVA team unearth the truth?

Think you want to be a Mummy? You'll think twice after seeing how to get "mummified."

Archaeology ThinkQuest
This site was created by a fourth grader and two sixth graders! They did a fantastic job researching archaeology and have put together a website for other kids to learn about archaeology!

Archaeology and Museums go Hand in Hand
Visit these museums:

Burke Museum

The Burke Museum at the University of Washington has some great information on archaeological finds in the Pacific Northwest!


Alexandria Museum

This is the place to visit if you really like puzzles! Crosswords, word searches and connect the dots!
SFU Museum of Archaeology
Check out the "digs" at the Simon Fraser University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology!
Royal Ontario Museum
Don't want to get your hands dirty? Go on a fictional dig!
Archaeology as a Career

The Illinois State Museum has great information about becoming an Archaeologist!

NOVA Explores Archaeology
Try your hand at archaeology - take a bunch of ceramic pieces that have just come in from the field and reassemble them! Will you have all the pieces? Do all the pieces belong to the same piece of pottery? It is your job to find out as the archaeologist in this adventure from NOVA!

Reed Farmstead
Visit Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site to see what artifacts have been found and explore the site virtually!

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
The BLM lists all currently funded archaeological projects in Idaho, information on Native Tribes of Idaho, and also has great information for teachers!

Way down in Texas!
Find out about what it was like to live 500 years ago…1000 years ago…10,000 years ago in Texas!

Idaho's Archaeological Past

Digital Atlas Project of Idaho
Digital Atlas Project of Idaho has lots of information about our archaeological past! Be sure to check out the images link - there are quite a few projectile points that have been found in Idaho!

Idaho Historical Society
Find out about archaeological history in Idaho.

Teacher Digs
A Good Archaeology Glossary

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Teachers, be sure to check out all the great resources that the BLM has for teachers!

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