April 18, 2006

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Adaptation a physical characteristic that helps an animal use its habitat more efficiently.
Annulation the appearance of growth rings in a tooth that is used to determine age.
Biologist a person who studies living organisms and their relationship to one another.
Boar a male bear
Carrion the bodies of dead animals, usually found in nature in the process of decay.
Carrying Capacity the number of animals of a given type which can be supported in a given area by enough food an shelter
Color Phases blond, tan, brown, cinnamon and black. Various shades of brown, black, white (kermode), and blue (glacier).
Conservation the use of natural resources in a way that assures their continuing availability to future generations.
Cub a young bear
Endangered Bear any bear population threatened with extinction.
Estrus the period of time when the female will accept the male for breeding
Fish and Game Department the agency responsible for wildlife management.
Forbs in wildlife usage, weeds and herbs.
Game Animal legal name for animals which may be managed and hunted only under regulation
Garbage Bear a bear that lives close to humans and occasionally feeds on garbage.
Habitat the arrangement of food, water, shelter and space suitable to animals' needs.

a state of some animals that occurs when they slow their metabolism, body temperature, and breathing rates to low levels during winter months to help conserve energy.

Home Range the area in which an animal travels in the scope of normal activities to meet its needs.
Interdependence the interrelationships of wildlife with one another and with the various elements of their environment.
Omnivore an animal which eats both plant and animal matter
Predation the act of one animal killing another animal for food.
Prehensile the ability to use body parts like a hand to grasp things.
Sow a female bear
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