April 18, 2006

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Black Bear PawAmerican Bear Association
This is a great site to learn about conservation efforts regarding bears and their habitat. Find out how you can adopt a bear... or read and learn about the bears that have been helped. There are also great lesson plans for teachers!

Black Bear SilhouetteBear Beliefs
From the earliest cave drawings, to modern film, the bear is a powerful symbol and an even more powerful image. This site includes bear myths and bear essays.

North American Bear Center
A study about bears wouldn't be complete without visiting this site! The North American Bear center includes great slide shows and a kids area that has lots of different bear vocalizations (sounds)!

Grizzly Bear Paw PrintPolar Bears
The web's biggest polar bear site! Explore the latest information and research, browse photos of polar bears, and get all the bear facts.


Encyclopedia of Animals
Check out the great information on this site! Learn about all types of bears and find out about their habitat, behaviors, and life cycle.

The American Grizzly BearPolar Bear Paw Print
This web site is intended to provide information on the current status of the American Grizzly Bear. Today, the grizzly bear population in the lower forty-eight states numbers about 1,000 - reduced from an estimated 50,000 to 100,000 before the West was settled. The Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan identifies six ecosystems as grizzly bear recovery ones and one ecosystem as an evaluation area.

Black Bear SilhouetteAnimal Facts
The Western North Carolina Nature Center has compiled fact sheets on all kinds of animals... Check out what they have to say about bears! Bear Paw Print
How BIG is the black bear? What do its paws look like? How long is its stride? Learn about the biology of bears and also answer some of these puzzling questions at the bcadventure Web site. There are also some great suggestions on good bear books to read.

Panda Bear Web Cams
Check out what the pandas at the San Diego Zoo are doing! You can watch the pandas 24 hrs a day on a web cam. There is also a web cam at the Smithsonian National Zoo ( as well... So take a trip to the zoo today via the Web!

Nature Showdown at Grizzly River Bear Silhouette
Nature has a great site about Bears...
Visit a river that is surrounded by bears and follow the life of a cub and the dangers and challenges they have to face! Check out the fishing tactics of the bear!

Polar Bear Paw PrintThe Bear Cave
This Think Quest site was designed by three students to help other kids learn about bears. Take their quiz about bears - and see how much you have learned!

Many thanks to Idaho Fish and Game and Project WILD for all of their help in this project. Information for this site developed from "WILD ABOUT BEARS," and is copyrighted by Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Idaho Project WILD. Permission obtained and granted to use this material for educational purposes.
Photographic images were provided by the Department of Fish and Game
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