May 16, 2006
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Dan Schill Biography

Dan Schill is the Fishery Research Supervisor for Idaho Fish and Game and works out of the Boise Headquarters office. His job is to oversee projects that help protect and manage the fish in the state for the people of Idaho and sportsmen. He supervises 18 fish research projects statewide that investigate various questions posed by Fish and Game Managers and the public.

Dan grew up in western Pennsylvania, splashing all summer in the little brook trout streams of his home state and falling in love with wild trout fishing and later, biology. He received a Masters Degree from Idaho State in the early 1980’s and has worked in a variety of IDFG positions since then, focused mostly on wild trout streams. Dan and his wife Karol have three daughters including Nicole 18, Brook, 7 and Petie 6 and a dog named Cinder. The family likes to spend time hiking and fishing, especially on overnight trips in their recently purchased camper.

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