States of Matter

Oct. 18, 2005

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Matter Facts
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Chemistry BeakerCool Activities to try...
The Exploratorium can help you if you're confused about solids, liquids, or gases...
Is it a solid or a liquid? Discover Outrageous OOZE.

Go with the flow. Can I see patterns in water?

Did you know that matter is all around you?

Solidify your knowledge about the States of Matter here.
Study solids
Are you ready to get wet with liquids?
Get a feeling for gas

Snoop around this site to find out about the Properties of Matter

What are atoms and molecules? 

Head to this demonstration of how particles move in the different states of matter.

           Molecule Model
Take another quick look at the 3 states.

Are there 4 states of matter? Ask Geo Man...

A Girl and a Microscope

Are you ready for this microscopic view of matter?

School house     TEACHER LINKS      School House
The MathMol Hypermedia Textbook
A K-12 GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF MOLECULES for Grades 3( Water); Grade 4 (Matter and Energy) ; Grade 5
(Atoms and Molecules)

Chemistry Book

Take a peek at the history of the study of matter

Visit this flash demonstration of the 3 states of matter
(upper level information);

Here's an upper level site that explains how temperature determines whether matter is liquid, solid, or gaseous.
Crystal Model
Find out how the arrangement of particles determines the state of matter.
for Elementary and Middle School Classes
Lessons and Activities
Lesson States of Matter
Defining Matter

Growing Ice
Good Cocoa
Why don't oil and water mix?
Phase changes
States of Matter Thirteen ED Online
This is a write-up of the design of a 3 hour staff development workshop on inquiry using liquids as a vehicle.
What's the Matter? This is a series of experiments and modeling exercises in elementary chemistry. It provides an introduction to atoms and molecules, the phases of matter, and chemical reactions and touches on the chemistry of the human body, photosynthesis and nuclear energy. This unit was designed for use in the fifth grade.

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