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September 12, 2005
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In September of 1805, Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery traveled through Idaho on their way West. They were not just explorers. They were also scientists! President Thomas Jefferson sent the explorers West to not only find a passage to the Pacific, but to also document all the details of the plant and animal life in the region and to learn more about the minerals and mountains found along the way. People didn't know what to expect and told tales of wondrous creatures: unicorns, gargantuan woolly mastodons, seven-foot-tall beavers, and friendly, slim-waisted buffalo. What did they really find? Click on the links above to learn more about the Science of Lewis and Clark. Watch our experts, "Meriwether Lewis" Tim McNeil and wildlife biologist Adare Evans, answer your questions on the live television show . Mr. McNeil's appearance is made possible by a grant from the Idaho Humanities Council.

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