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The Great Basin Desert
Great Basin Desert Name, Location, Size, Physical Features, Example of Plants & Animals.

Digital Atlas of Idaho

A Webquest for upper elementary Grades about desert plants.

The Desert Biome
Just what is a desert? What kinds of plants and animals live there? Check out this site for all of that information and more, including what causes deserts.

Become a desert explorer!
Check out the types of deserts and all the plants and animals that can live there, plus quiz yourself to see how much you've learned!

Exploring Deserts!
Learn about the process of desertification, as well as the animals that call deserts home.

North American Deserts from the National Park Service

Did you know that there are different types of deserts? The University of California, Berkeley has put together an info page with lots of facts about the different kinds of deserts.

For teachers:
Check out these lesson plans and units centered on deserts--all in one convenient location!

Elementary Lesson Plans for Sesert Themes

Take a Desert Field Trip

A 6th Grade Lesson Plan : This unit, Deserts, explores the mysteries of some of the most unfriendly but beautiful places on earth, and it introduces students to the geography of the Middle East. Students will learn the definition of a desert, how and why deserts have developed in certain areas; they will also learn about the location, landforms and special features of the world’s greatest deserts. This geography unit is integrated into other disciplines, including reading and research, writing, and art. Activities designed to accommodate the four learning styles are included in each lesson.

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