Forests, Wetlands, Deserts
Mar 20, 2007
2:00/1:00 MT/PT
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Tall treeTwo fifths of Idaho is covered by forests . . . Discover where other states' forests are located at:
Forest by State

Explore Shades of Green: Earth's Forests by Thinkquest

Become an expert of the Deciduous Forest Biome

Blue Poison Frog of the RainforestFollow this link to the complete site on Forest Biomes from University of California Museum of Paleontology

Get the scoop on biomes. Check out the features of Tundra, Tiaga, Grasslands, Deciduous Forests, Deserts and Tropical Rainforests at the Ultimate Guide to Biomes.

This site will educate you about all the Biomes of the world. Biomes of the world from Missouri Botanical Garden

Forest clipartIdaho Forest Products Commission will show you all kinds of exciting things happening in a forest.

Bark Beetles

Stuff we get from Trees

Tree Cookies A look in side a tree

If you still have questions, Visit the "Ask an Idaho Forester" page

Snoop around at Plants and Animals of the Boreal Forests of the world

Read "A Day in the Life of a Forester"

Teacher Links   TEACHER LINKS
Woodsy Owl Coloring Book from the US. Forest Service (PDF).

National Geographic Lesson Plans
Forest Features (Grade level:K-2)
If a tree falls in the Forest (Grade level:3-5 )
Barbaloot Suits: Preserving Biodiversity
Features and Creatures in America's Backyard

More Lesson Plans:
How trees work for us.
How Clean is our Air and Water
The Food Chain

Talk About Trees. The Forest Foundation
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